Tring Finance brings all your financial assets management (stocks, derivatives, mutual funds & insurance) under one roof. We provides you a professionally designed 360 degree financial investment solution. We have our in-house research team, who will assist you in choosing from 10,000+ stocks, 1500+ mutual fund schemes & 300+ insurance products available in the market as per your requirement & goals. Our tie-ups…

We also conduct a training workshops regarding investing in stocks & mutual funds, as well as how to insure your family & wealth with the help of insurance products, for more details. Our workshop is designed in such a way that trainees don’t need to have any prior technical knowledge about stock market or mutual funds. Since the training offered is not for any certification or exams, our overall objective behind this workshop is to create awareness & educate you about how financial assets can be used effectively to create wealth in short / long term, as well as protects you from any unforeseen events.

We conduct weekend workshops or sessions for stock market Technical & Fundamental analysis in Bangalore  Hyderabad & through online medium to rest of the places.

General Questions in your mind about Stock Market, Mutual Funds & Insurance.
  • What are the important parameters which I should look to invest in stock market?
  • How to choose good sectors & stocks?
  • How much should be the Risk:Reward ratio for any trade or investment?
  • Some says daily trading is good or option trading is good or future trading is good, too many options?
  • Some say to go for daily trading, short term and other says long term is good, which is the best for me?
  • Can an external force manipulate the market?
  • Is there is any way I can earn daily/monthly consistent income through daily trading?
  • 100’s of mutual funds are there in market, which one to choose? Equity Funds? Debt Fund? Hybrid Funds?
  • I want to park the money for short term? What are the options available?
  • Is SIP investments is safe? Can I plan my retirement & other goals through Mutual Funds or Insurance investments? Which is best?
  • Is Insurance investment is a good option or any better option is available in the market?
  • Do I need a medical insurance & home insurance?
  • Do I need a personal accident or critical illness insurance?
  • & many more questions……

We have a solution for all your questions with our 360 Degree Investment Solution.