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Our Services Are:

systematic trading

1. Automatic Algorithm Trading:

In this segment we have tied up with an reputed ALGORITHM TRADING PLATFORM of India to convert our Intraday / Daily Trading Strategies in to an Automated Algorithm System.

Our Daily Trading Research System & Its PerformanceSoon will be launching automated trading system for the same product… 

Power of this system is that we can able to eliminate the most important factor in trading i.e. Human Emotions which are Greed &Fear. With this emotions its almost impossible to consistently trade efficiently in the market. There are many other parameters:

  • Technical Problems: Like server, software & internet connectivity with trading system.
  • Execution Problem: In daily trading we should have a lightning  speed to grab the opportunity/price which most of the time practically impossible.
2. Short Term / Swing Trading:

In this segment, we will be trading in stocks / derivatives for shorter period i.e. opportunity based trading. We can hold a position for 1 week to 1 year.

This is totally an different type of trading system specially researched by our in-house research team.

3. Mutual Funds:


There are many types of funds are available in market. In these also we have many segments like Debt Funds, Equity Funds & Hybrid Funds.

Types of Debt Funds: 

  1. GILT Funds: Invest only in Govt Securities & Treasury bills.
  2. Diversified Debt Funds: Invest in mix of Govt & non Govt debt securities.
  3. Junk Bond Schemes: Also Known as High yield bond schemes, invest in companies that are of poor credit quality.
  4. Fixed Maturity Plans (FMP’s): Investment portfolio is closely aligned to the maturity of the scheme.
  5. Floating Rate Funds: Invest largely in floating rate debt securities i.e. debt securities where the interest rate payable by the issuer changes in line with the market.
  6. Liquid Schemes/Funds or Money Market Schemes: Are a variant of debt schemes that invest only in debt securities where the moneys will be repaid within 61-days.

Types of Equity Funds:

  1. Diversified Equity Fund: Invest in a diverse mix of securities that cut across sectors.
  2. Sector Funds: Invest in only a specific sector. For example, a banking sector fund will invest in only shares of banking companies. Gold sector fund will invest in only shares of gold-related companies.
  3. Thematic Funds: Invest in line with an investment theme. For example, an infrastructure thematic fund might invest in shares of companies that are into infrastructure construction, infrastructure toll-collection, cement, steel, telecom, power etc. The investment is thus more broad-based than a sector fund; but narrower than a diversified equity fund.
  4. Equity Linked Savings Schemes  (ELSS): Offer tax benefits to investors. However, the investment is subject to lock-in for a period of 3 years.
  5. Equity Income / Dividend Yield Schemes: Invest in securities whose shares fluctuate less, and the dividend represents a larger proportion of the returns on those shares.
  6. Arbitrage Funds: Take contrary positions in different markets / securities, such that the risk is neutralized, but a return is earned.

Types of Hybrid Funds:

  1. Monthly Income Plan (MIP’s): Seeks to declare a dividend every month. It therefore invests largely in debt securities. However, a small percentage is invested in equity shares to improve the scheme’s yield.
  2. Capital Protected Schemes: Are close-ended schemes which are structured to ensure that investors get their principal back, irrespective of what happens to the market.

We have some other type’s funds also, which are:

Gold Funds: These funds invest in gold and gold-related securities.

Types of Gold Funds:

  1. Gold Exchange Traded Fund: Which is like an index fund that invests in gold.
  2. Gold Sector Fund: Will invest in shares of companies engaged in gold mining and processing.

Still some more types of funds, which are as follows:

Real Estate Funds, Commodity Funds, International Funds, Funds of Funds, Exchange Traded Funds.

Will help you to build you portfolio as per your goal, risk appetite & lifestyle.

systematic investment

1. Direct Stock Investment:

In this segment, we will be investing in stocks of the companies or sectors either from a large cap (60%), mid cap (30%) & small cap companies (10%). We will change the ratios as per the market condition or sector / individual  performance, underlying fundamental & technical parameters, which will be analysed by our in-house research team.

This segment is more focused towards Value Investing & we will be keeping an perspective of long term holding period of minimum 5-10 years ++ & maximum till we can hold, because REAL LONG TERM WEALTH is created in long term only. Eg: Warren Buffe



2.Mutual Funds:

As per our previous segment & classification of short term wealth creation regarding mutual funds, there are around 44 companies mutual companies (AMC’s) having around 1,500++ funds. It will be very difficult for anybody to find out the correct fund, strategy, segment & market volatility.

We will help you to solve this maze & create a long term wealth for your portfolio by using value investment philosophy.

Will also use the DYNAMIC ASSET ALLOCATION STRATEGY, which will keep balance between equity & debt investment whenever there is over buying / over selling has taken place in the market.

We will also follow the above statistical data about Is Equity Investment Is Risk In Long Run?

Our team from their soul isTRUE EQUITY BELIEVER” because that is the only financial asset which has a potential to create real wealth.

3.SIP & VIP’s:

  “Best Time To Plant A Tree Was 20 Years Ago. The Second Best Time Is Now” 

-Chinese Proverb

SIP’s : Systematic Investment Plan or “SIP in Mutual Fund” is a method to invest fixed amount of money in to a mutual fund on a periodic basis. Generally investments are done on daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis on fixed date.

Monthly & quarterly SIP in mutual funds is the most common ones however, daily SIP in mutual funds are also becoming popular.

Fundamental of SIP

Sip in mutual funds is based on 2 most strong fundamentals of finance;

  • Rupee Cost Averaging
  • Power of Compounding

“The Market Has An Efficient Way of Transferring Wealth From Impatient To The Patient. 


– Warren Buffet

 VIP’s: Value Investment Plan or Value Average Investing is one of the very efficient way of investing the money

systematic protection

Through our Systematic Protection service, we will ensure that your health & wealth is sufficiently covered. So in case of any unforeseen event your wealth is protected.

There are 5 types of insurance which is mandatory in life:

  1. Term Insurance
  2. Personal Accident Insurance
  3. Medical Insurance
  4. Critical Insurance
  5. Home Insurance

Other Insurance which we also have are

  • Vehicle Insurance,
  • Business / Machinery Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Fire Insurance….etc etc all types of Insurance.