Testimonials and Success stories

I really had a very good experience & learning in their training. Even though I know about market & chart reading, i had learnt very important basics about market strategies & techniques which is difficult to learn without the experience what they have.

During our December 2012 sessions we were analyzing the charts for the Gold / Silver, they told in the session about the weakness & they will fall.
Gold = will fall to 28,000 – 26,000 (21 December 2012 it was trading @ 30,900) April 2013 Low for Gold is around 25,384.
Same for Silver = will fall to 53,000 – 48,000 (21 December 2012 it was trading @ 58,260) April 2013 Low for Silver is around 42,341 …

Excellent work. We can really catch & analyze the move before.

I am already using there Research Calls / Tips services & wanted to see how they do it. It was good & please do Live Market Session.. all the best.

TringFinance: We have got lot of requests & we have started Live Market Session from March 2013  🙂

Dr Raghavendra BhatDental SurgeonMangalore

I am having a broking franchise & made loss due to negligence. I also refereed by our close friend for their training & now I am very confident & informed decision maker.

Their prediction for Gold & silver weakness worked very good, we had importunity to discuss charts of Gold & Silver on 23 December 2012 with all the techniques to see live on those charts. All the best….Good Job…

MadhusudanBroking FranchiseMysore

I am having a broking franchise & made pretty good losses due to negligence & wrong decision makings. Finally we had been referred by our close friend for their training & now we are making a decent profits & feels confident while trading.

I was there (23rd December 2012 session) when we discussed the Gold/Silver weakness & fall. Superb Analysis…..keep it up…..

HarishBroking FranchiseMysore

Training was wonderful & it covers everything from scratch to the level where you can take your own decision. Before entering to the stock market I thought of getting guidance or training which was my best decision ever made.

Instead of my background & profession they made me to understand everything in organized way & they really have patience to teach until the concept gets cleared. Their communication & way of teaching is excellent. Now I am confident investor….

Shoukat AliTechnology Lead, InfosysBangalore

Really it helped me a lot, as I had taken a financial market (stock) training in Dubai but about basics in depth the way they have covered nobody teaches you so easily. They evaluate every persons background, knowledge level & according to the individual profile they teaches you.

Their training really gave me a proper structured view of the stock market from every perspective, it is difficult to replicate there skills, experience & knowledge level…

Ansar AnjumArchitect & Interior DesignerDubai

I wanted my wife (an housewife) to learn about stock market, as we wanted to understand how investments are being made here. She had a great experience with their training. They are humble, kind & best of all their approach is very simple & customized.

We need to put some effort from our end, but they makes a proper base which requires a real time experience & skills to teach this. They understands you & guides you as per the individual requirements & they are friendly to teach till you won’t understand.

Best training for beginner in the Stock Market.

Vijay & AshaSenior HR Executive, FIS India Bangalore

I am already an Trader/Investor & wanted to learn more structured approach towards Stock Market which I understood properly in their sessions. Overall an excellent learning experience, they have a simple approach & their sessions is very useful even for beginners.

Their course material is excellent & to the point. Trainer has very good practical knowledge about execution, strategies & techniques. Their Live Market Session was very good & some more examples can be taken….All the best.

Tring Finance: We will be including some more examples (as you suggested) from next sessions, thanks a lot for your feedback 🙂

Srinivas M K Product Support Manager, Ricoh India LtdBangalore

I am an seasonal investor & their training session was very informative. It gave me basic edge which will helps me to have an more calculated approach/alternative view before investing in to any stocks. Thanks & keep it up…

Srini Project Manager, SAPBangalore

I had made a substantial loss in the stock market due to wrong guidance & finally after many months I decided to undergo training to find out the reason. Their training is an EYEOPENER for me to avoid losses & makes profit through an systematic calculated approach.

In our March 2013 session they discussed about the weakness in Commodity Gold & Silver (which they were tracking from last September – October 2012)… Finally everybody knows about the Gold-Silver recent Crash in April 2013. Great experience, thanks a lot & all the best.

NarasimhanManager, GivaudanBangalore

I don’t have time to invest my money but always wanted to see my money growing, after attending their sessions I feel comfortable & confident investing in Stock Market. I am getting good service & they understand your expectation from market & guide you accordingly.

Their approach is very simple & to the point. They make such a complex topic very simple enough to understand & their compilation is superb. It is more like a personal one to one session. Keep it up & all the best.

Hitanshu Shekhar ParidaProject Manager, CognizantBangalore

Everybody says “Stay away from Stock Market because of it Volatility & its dangerous”. But after attending their session they will never say the above line. They made this complex topic simple enough for anybody without any prior background or knowledge about Stock Market, can learn everything to make money in the Stock Market…All the best, Good Work.

Punit SainiTeam Leader, SamsungBangalore

After evaluating various training courses, I found their training is useful, worth & really it gives you the edge for stock market basics as well intermediatelevel. There training is excellent & their approach is organized. All the best….

Mahesh GFinancial AdvisorBangalore

It was a excellent session for beginner like me, they teaches you the way you understands, one thing which awesome is they have superb patience to repeat the topics until you won’t understands & though their batch size is small it is very very interactive session.

Their course material excellent & they got practical skills to teach you this complex topic easily. Keep it up….Thanks a lot Tring Finance

VinodProduction Executive, Strides Arco LabBangalore

It was good session & I learned basics about the stock market. Definitely we need to put some effort from our end as they can bring you to one smart level with all the basics, tools, techniques & strategies, later according to our time, effort & practice we need to explore. Thank You…

Murali Rupuneni M KrishnaSenior Consultant Kulicke & SoffaBangalore

I usually trade in the market when there is any good opportunity, but always struggled to get an edge & feel incomplete about the organized learning. Finally i am happy to get all basics to the level where you can make profit very safely. Their training is useful for beginners & even for those who is already in the market.

MuraliCivil Engineer,Bangalore

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