Do you want to Learn how to Make Money in the Stock Market, But do not know WHERE to START?
Do you want to invest in the Stock Market with the GOAL of being FINANCIALLY FREE?
Do you want to Feel CONFIDENT while Trading Stocks, without any FEAR or ANXIETY….and be PROFITABLE?

You have come to the right place !

Because ENOUGH of Depending on NEWS, RUMORS, SUGGESTIONS, MEDIA & SPECIALLY To MARKET ANALYSTS? Now the time has come to become INDEPENDENT & Take your OWN DECISIONS & Explore “THE HIDDEN SECRETS OF STOCK MARKET” through our Training cum Workshop Program.
This Techniques & Strategies you can implement in any Financial Market, are as follows:
  • Equity  (cash)
  • Derivatives  (futures & options)
  • Commodity  (gold, silver, crude oil etc…)
  • Currency  (rupee, dollar, yen etc…)
  • Forex  (American Markets like Dow Jones, NASDAQ etc…)
  • European, Russian, China, Japan, Singapore markets……almost anywhere in the world where organized Financial market trading / investing is available.

We will Teach you to make Profits  in both Rising as well as Falling market….

Our Training Session is the only session which starts from Scratch (ABCD level) & take you the level from where you can confidently trade/invest in Stock Market without falling in to the Trap of brokers or any other un-ethical financial service providers who mis-guides you.

Our course is the only Training available in the market which covers every aspects of the Financial Market Investments like

  • Stock Market
  • Commodity Market
  • Currency Market
  • Online & Offline Trading
  • Mutual Funds (Childs Education & Marriage, Retirement & Pension, Corpus Building & other Investment Avenues)
  • Debt Market
  • Bonds & Debentures
  • Systematic Investment Plans (SIP)
  • Emotions & Money Management
  • Live Market Session & many more….

After this course we Guarantee you that you will never need any other Training in your life to understand about the Financial Market Investments.


MODULE 1 ( For Beginners )
  • Different Types of Investment
  • Primary Market (IPO)
  • Secondary Market (Stock Market Exchange Trading)
  • Stock Market (Equity Market)
  • Different Types Exchanges (NSE, BSE)
  • Various Products – Equity, Derivatives (Futures & Options)
  • Commodities
  • Different Types Exchanges (MCX, NCDEX)
  • Forex & Currency Market
  • Mutual Fund
  • Different types of Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
  • Bonds & Debentures (Debt Market)
  • Online Trading
  • How to Buy & Sell Stocks by yourself?
  • How to Handle the Trading platform?
  • What is Day to Day Trading, Short, Mid & Long Term Trading
  • Handling the Stock Market (Charts & Fundamental analysis)
  • How To Identify weather Stock Market is Going Up or Down?
  • Which are the right Stocks to Buy?
  • How to Find weather the Stock is Going Up or Down ?
  • What is the Correct Price to Buy or Sell Stocks?
  • Choosing Right time to Enter or Exit from Stocks?
  • How much to Invest in Stocks & Derivatives?
  • How much to expect in Profit & Risk involved in it?
  • Money Management & Discipline Skills & many more…

1. Equity Market

1A. Primary Market (IPO) & its Introduction

  • Procedures &  How to Subscribe, Offer Price etc…

1B. Secondary Market (Stock Market Exchange Trading)

  • What is stock?
  • Different kinds Exchanges (NSE, BSE)
  • Buying & Selling of Stocks
  • Derivatives  – Futures & Options
  • Futures
  • Options, Call & Put Options
  • Open Interest, Expiry & Roll Over
  • Trading – Intraday, Short Term,
  • Investing in Stocks

2. Commodities

  • Different types Exchanges (MCX, NCDEX)
  • Different types of Commodities
  • Precious Metals – Gold & Silver
  • Other Metals – Aluminum, Copper etc…
  • Agro based Commodities – Cotton, Wheat etc…
  • Soft Commodities – Coffee, Sugar etc…
  • Energy Commodities – Crude Oil, Natural Gas etc…
  • Trading in Commodities (Futures Trading)
  • Investing in Commodities
  • Buying Commodities in Physical form
  • Investing through Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

3. Forex / Currency Trading

  • Basics of Currency Trading
  • Rules, Procedures & Requirements
  • Currency Future Trading

4. Mutual Funds

  • Different Parameters – NAV, Expense Ratio etc…
  • Different types of Mutual Funds
  • Open & Close ended Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Unit Investment Trusts
  • Classification of Funds – Money Market, Bond, Equity, Index, Tax Saving Funds etc…

5. Bonds & Debentures (Debt Market)

  • Difference between Bonds & Debentures
  • Different Types of Bond Market – Corporate, Government Issued Bonds etc…
  • Investing in Bonds

6. Online / Offline Trading

  • How to Choose Brokers
  • Opening an Demat & Trading Account
  • Different kind of Trading Platforms
  • How to Buy & Sell Stocks in Platforms
  • How to Handle the Trading platform

7. How to Analyze the Market

  • What is Fundamental analysis & its parameters
  • What Technical analysis & its parameters
  • Construction of charts, Different types of charts
  • Trend analysis (Up, Down, Sideways Trend)
  • Different Time Frame of Charts & its Validity
  • Trendlines, Support-Resistance, Breakout & Volume Analysis
  • Fibonacci Retracement & Pivot Analysis
  • Moving Averages
  • Technical Indicators – RSI, MACD, Stochastic…
  • Money Management
key takeaways:
  • You will understand all the investment avenues of Financial Market in an structured way.
  • You can able to judge Risk – Reward for an investment.
  • No Need to depend on any Analyst, News, Rumors & Guru’s of the Stock Market.
  • You can analyze, trade or invest by yourself.
  • More confident on the Entry, Exit, Targets, Stop Loss, Time Frame about stocks.
  • More confident when Stock Market is  falling, because that is the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to enter.
  • Can make you own Trading / Investment systems, no need to ask / discuss anyone.
  •  And many more…
MODULE 2 ( For Intermediate )

This Stock Market Training Module is specially for Intermediate individuals, who have a bit knowledge about Stock Market.

  • Introduction to Fundamental & Technical Analysis
  • The Core of Chart Analysis & Different types of Charts
  • Trend Lines, how to draw them, validity & trend channels
  • Study of Chart Patterns, continuation & reversal pattern
  • Gap Analysis & their Types
  • Study of Moving Averages & different types of Moving  Averages
  • Technical Indicators & study of different types of Indicators
  • Pivot Point Analysis & Fibonacci Ratios
  • Day Trading & Swing Trading
  • Trading Systems
  • Money Management
  • Important Rules of Trading in Stock Market
  • And Many More….

Live Market Session – for all the above techniques & strategies is additional session & not included in above course fees & has to be registered separately.

For Registration (click here or call us)

  1. Introduction
    1. Basics of Fundamental & Technical Analysis
    2. Introduction to Chart Analysis
      • Different Types of Chart
        • Bar Chart
        • Candlestick Chart
        • Line Chart
  2. The Core of Chart Analysis
    1. Concept of Trend
    2. Concept of Support Resistance, Retracement, Reversal & Breakouts
    3. Time Frame Validity of Charts
    4. Importance of Price & Volume Analysis
  3. Trend Lines
    1. Introduction to Trend Lines
    2. How to Draw Trend Line
    3. Up & Down Trend Line
    4. Trend Lines as Support and Resistance
    5. Trend Channels
  4. Chart Patterns
    1. Introduction to Chart Patterns
    2. Classification of Chart Patterns
      • Reversal Patterns
      • Continuation Patterns
    3. Reversal Patterns
      • Double Top
      • Double Bottom
      • Falling & Rising Wedge
      • Round Bottom & Top Formation
      • Triple Bottom & Top Formation
    4. Continuation Patterns
      • Flag Formation
      • Pennant Formation
      • Rectangle Formation
    5. Triangle Formation
      • Symmetrical Triangle
      • Ascending Triangle
      • Descending Triangle
  5. Gap Analysis
    1. Introduction to Gap Analysis
    2. Types of Gap’s
      • Common Gap’s
      • Breakaway Gap’s
      • Continuation Gap’s
      • Exhaustion Gap’s
  6. Moving Averages
    1. Simple Moving Averages
    2. Exponential Moving Averages
    3. Weighted Moving Averages
    4. Trend Identification using Moving Averages
    5. Support & Resistance
  7. Technical Indicators
    1. Introduction
    2. Oscillators & Momentum Indicators
      • RSI
      • MACD
      • Stochastic
      • CCI
    3. ADX
    4. Bollinger Band
    5. Volume Indicator
      • OBV (On Balance Volume)
      • MFI (Money Flow Index)
    6. Concept of Divergence
      • Bullish Divergence
      • Bearish Divergence
    7. Sentiment Indicator
      • Open Interest & Change in Open Interest with respect to Price
      • Put Call Ratio
      • VIX
  8. Pivot Point Analysis
  9. Day Trading & Swing Trading
  10. Trading Systems
  11. Money Management
    1. Stop Loss & placing Stop loss
    2. Risk Reward Ratio
    3. Pyramiding & Martingale
    4. Price Objectives & Profit Booking.
  12.  Important Rules of Trading

Common Terminologies associated with Stock Market

Key Takeaways:
  • You will understand everything in an Organized Way about the Stock Market Techniques & Strategies.
  • No Need to depend on any Analyst, News, Rumors & Guru’s of the Stock Market.
  • You can analyze, trade or invest by yourself.
  • More confident on the Entry, Exit, Targets, Stop Loss, Time Frame about stocks.
  • Can make you own Trading / Investment systems.
  • And many more……

Please Note: Both the modules are mandatory.

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Trainers Profile & Experience

We do not believe in putting our Resume here. What we can do, can be analyzed from our Track Record in Front page, Blog & Services (Tips / Research calls packages)

We are not Trainers who will only teach you about theories but no PRACTICALS. We will teach you what we Practice in Market as Portfolio Managers, because with Theories you will never Make Money.

Anyone who comes in Stock Market they have only one AIM, that is to Make Money & that is what we are going to Teach You from Scratch ABCD to the level where you can make your own decisions as well as money by putting some Smart Efforts from your end.

In our Theory session we will not tell you the Definitions & all, will teach you the Practical Aspect of every topics which will make you to understand the Practically how it works in Stock Market. Please do not  contact us for any Academic, MBA or College kind of courses here.

Placement Opportunity is also available to various companies. They are looking for a FINANCIAL ADVISERS & MARKET ANALYSTS, if you want to make carrier in this field we will help you.

This Workshop Is Ideal For

High Net-worth Individuals ( HNIs ), Investors, Corporate Executives, Employees of BPOs / IT Companies,  Employees of Export/Import Houses, Bankers,  Analysts, Financial planners,  Stock Brokers & Employees of Brokers / Sub-Brokers,  Portfolio Managers,  Fund Managers,  Teachers,  MBA Aspirants, Students,  Housewives,  Fresher’s & Anybody having interest in the interest in Stock Markets & trading in Forex, Commodity, Equity  or ANYONE WHO HAS CONFIDENCE IN HIMSELF that he / she can achieve anything in life.

– Corporate Training

For Corporate Training, Group sessions or Bulk booking, please contact us.

– Live Market Session

We conduct LIVE market session once in every 3 months. (exclusively for those who have attended either Module 1 or Module 2)

– Customized Requirements

For Customized/Advanced Level/Individual One to One Session / any other requirement related to Stock Market please contact us.

Course / Workshop details will be decided according to individual client requirement. Highly customized phase with a one to one session. All the things can be included from above modules + any additional things he/she is looking for.

Customized Workshop Details

  • Course Duration      : Depends on the requirement.
  • Course Date / Time : Will be decided by Mutual Understanding with client & our Trainer / Analyst availability.
  • Course Cost            : Cost will be decided on the requirement of the client & number of training hours.
– Online Courses

We conduct an online course through Skype, Yahoo, Gtalk  platforms. Webinar Sessions will be Launching Soon..

We do conduct our workshops on All India basis, specially the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Calcutta & If you are looking for your city then fell free to contact us.

– Our Training Process will be
  • Starting 15%: Will be covering the basic structure, dynamics & different instruments of the stock market.
  • Next 50%: Will be covering the chart reading called as Technical Analysis. Example: you would have seen CNBC, NDTV Profit analysts will be discussing about stocks like it is a correct time to buy, correct time to exit, stock is looking cheaper now, stock has a potential….etc etc. Technical analysts believe that the historical performance of stocks and markets are indications of future performance. This is used for all kinds of trading or investment whether it is Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, 3 Years, 5 Years time period. For any time period from 1 day to 10 year++, we need a technical analysis as mandatory technique to learn, which give you overall what everybody is thinking in the market about that particular stock.
  • Next 15%:  Will be teaching the Fundamental Analysis which is another Important technique in stock market. This is used to find out the potential of the company offering the stock, there scrap value of the company. It Determine a Stocks value by focusing on underlying factors that affect a company’s actual business and its future prospects. Fundamental analysis of a company or its stock involves analyzing its financial statements and health, its management, its competitive advantages,  its competitors and markets.Fundamental analysis serves to answer questions, such as:
  1. Is the company’s revenue growing?
  2. Is it actually making a profit?
  3. Is it in a strong-enough position to beat out its competitors in the future?
  4. Is it able to repay its debts & loans?
  5. Is management trying to “cook the books” or trying to manipulate the financials?
  • Rest of the 20%: Will be covering about the we will be covering the most important of all the above, as without this there is no use learning above things. Topics include:
  1. Money Management: How much money you should invest in every trade or investment?
  2. Trade Management: As you are already in Profit or Loss, what to do next?
  3. Trading Systems: What is the best trading / investment system?
  4. Risk to Reward Ratio: How much Risk you can take in every trade ? How much Reward you can from every trade? What is the safest way to balance both?
  5. Your own Portfolio Management: according to your customized needs like your time commitment, your money commitment for trading / investing?
  6. Important Rules of Trading: Whether I should follow News channels & expert advice ?  Whether I should follow my friends & colleagues advice on investing money?
– STOCK MARKET SECRETS REVEALED: Learn the Art of Making Profit in Rising as Well as Falling Market

Any Individual who enters in the stock market usually have High Ambitions of making money but lacks the Power of Knowledge & Discipline. The Killer Trap of Stock Market Trading ( Intraday / Swing) & Brokers desperation towards doing Turnover as well as Wishful Thinking weigh Heavy on these Investors. An Individual needs to enter these turbulent waters with the right skills, Knowledge & Mindset so that the change in tides does not destabilize his surfing through the Stock market.

It is with this View, First Time Ever the Most easiest (Layman Approach) & Organized way we Tring Finance has taken a initiative to share the Practical knowledge through our Training cum Workshop Program, In which you are going to Unleash the Hidden Secrets of the Stock Market Trading / Investing Which is going to Help you in every aspects Like:

  • What Makes the Market Go Up or Down ?
  • How to Find the Great Stocks?
  • When to Buy those Great stocks?
  • When to Sell those Great stocks for a Profit?
  • How to Minimize Risk and Maximize Reward?
  • How to Manage your Emotions?
  • How to Manage your Money?

And Many More Like….

  • Helps savvy investors to analyze & interpret market forecasts from news, market analysts, rumors etc etc…
  • Helps  in determining whether the market is in a Uptrend or in a Downtrend.
  • Helps  in determining how much Reward (Profit) you should expect from your stocks.
  • Helps  in determining how much Risk (Stop Loss) you should take in any Trading / Investment on your stocks.
  • How Risk-Reward Ratio (RRR) is going to affect the overall performance of your stocks & By calculating RRR smartly helps you to make a Magical change in your Decision making skill which exponentially grow your stocks or Portfolio.

Our Training Course will not give you Hot Tips on Individual Stocks or Derivatives, but it will show you exactly how to find Great Opportunity of investing by yourself. It will show you how to take your own SMART & INFORMED DECISION as well as it help you to develop a MINDSET of a WINNER. We Believe in only One Philosophy:

“Give a Man a Fish, He will Eat for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, He will Eat for a Lifetime” Our Main Objective of our course is to Generate SELF ENTREPRENEURSHIP for Everyone who Aspires to achieve a lot with Calculated Risks and Who think that doing Job or Business is Very Risky as the Risk of Default is very High in Business and Satisfaction is not there in Job.

We are not going to Teach you…How to be on the BULL side or BEAR Side, We are going to Teach you How to be on the on the WINNING Side.

We are not going teach you the Secrets for Specific Market Segments like Equity (NSE, BSE), Derivatives (Futures & Options), Commodities & Currencies.  As all of these Segments can be analyzed wholly through the Secrets which we are going to teach you,  BECAUSE we are going to Teach you  the “Mother of All the Secrets“, after that these Secrets & Strategies you can Implement to any Segments & anywhere in the World (Countries Having Organized Financial Markets).

– Still Some questions which may come in your Mind:

Q. I don’t know the ABCD of Stock Market or this Technical / Fundamental Analysis, Is there any possibility where I can Learn all of this things in a very easy & organized way?

Yes Definitely you can as our Training / Workshop is designed in such a way that any Layman or anyone who doesn’t have any prior background or knowledge about stock market can easily understand the Technical & Fundamental Analysis from Basics & he can improve his Trading / Investing Skills by predicting the prices of the stocks or derivatives, as well as pick up High Potential stocks on his own. Individual can use other techniques to invest in Stock Market & have profitable trading weather the market condition is good or bad.

Q. Is these Technical / Fundamental Analysis very Difficult to Learn?

It is not that difficult how you are thinking about it, because the way which we are going to teach you is very easy & organized which will make your Learning Curve much easier.

Q. Is it the correct time to Invest in Market, when Market is going down?

This is the most basic & frequently asked question by everyone, so our answer for this is: Basically there will be a 4 Types of Investments in Stock Market which are as follows:

1) Intraday    (Buying / Selling in a Day)

2) Short Term / Swing Trading (Buying / Selling & holding it for a period of Week / Month / 3 Month sometimes for a Year also)

3) Medium Term  (Buying / Selling it for a period Up to 3 Years)

4) Long Term    (Buying / Selling it for a period up to 3 – 10 years, some times more than that)

So For the above case you can analyze that whether market is going down or Up, there will always be an opportunity available in the market it totally depends on the which Investment Type you are choosing.